Vastu for Restaurants


“Vaastu” is defined as “Art of Living”. This whole world is made of 5 elements. These 5 elements are Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. It is the phenomenon of nature to keep the balance of these elements. Vaastu has laid down certain rules and principles for every kind of building and spaces. It is always advisable to follow Vaastu guidelines while designing a plan both for Personal and Commercial spaces. Application of Vaastu norms becomes more important while planning a restaurant as it is important to prevent it from running into losses because of the problem with planning.

Everyone seeks to have a well maintained and attractive restaurant to enjoy the meal of the day. But not every restaurant is able to attract visitors to its premise due to the Vaastu defect. A restaurant constructed on the basis of principles of Vaastu not only prospers in attracting customers but can earn goodwill as well. In simple words, Vaastu gives us knowledge that how to live and how to build our homes and buildings. For good and prosperous life, we must obey the rules of Vaastu.


We will provide you with the following Accurate and Efficient details:

  • Proper location of the Restaurant regarding adjoining buildings and Roads.
  • The exteriors and facing of the Restaurant.
  • The location of the Beams and Pillars.
  • The Direction and Location of the Entrance.
  • The Direction & Placement of the various Zones. For Instance:
  • Windows
  • Decorative Items
  • Furniture
  • Lift
  • Overhead water tank
  • Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Staff Room
  • Waiting Lounge
  • Water Boring
  • Storage Room
  • Electrical Equipment like Generators, Electric Panels etc.
  • Stairs
  • Toilets
  • Septic Tanks & Water Disposals
  • Basement
  • Parking





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