Vastu for Office


Office is primarily constructed to get over-all success and good profit thereby co-ordinating with staff properly. All over the world, Vaastu has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of Vaastu application in their office interiors. Since using Vaastu does not disturb the modern look, it has gained wide acceptance all over the world. Big business firms and the wealthiest people all over the world have already adopted Vaastu in their personal as well as professional life. Many successful people including corporate offices consider it a valuable addition to their businesses. Good Vaastu planning has the biggest positive impact on reaching your goal.

Vaastu complaint office renders everything in positive way keeping the flow of wealth in good position and help making a business successful. Every space has an energy field. When space and its energy are not aligned with the elements, people around the office may not feel comfortable. When space is optimized according to Vaastu, people like to seat and love to work in an efficient way. Vaastu principles can be used to maximize the flow of positive energy in any space.

Vaastu office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and positive and clears the obstacle coming in the business. Get your office planned as per the Vaastu norms before starting a new office, branch office, or expanding a current office.


We will provide you with the following Accurate and Efficient details:

  • Proper location of the Office building.
  • The exteriors and facing of the Office building.
  • The ambience of the surrounding atmosphere of the Office.
  • The location of the Beams and Pillars.
  • The Direction and Location of the Main Entrance.


  • The Direction & Placement of the various Zones. For Instance:
  • Owner’s Office
  • Employees Rooms
  • Meeting Room
  • Reception
  • Lift
  • Accounts Office
  • Overhead water tank.
  • Colour Scheme
  • Electrical Equipment like Generators, Electric Panels etc.
  • Stairs
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen / Pantry
  • Guard Rooms
  • Staff Rooms
  • Septic Tanks & Water Disposals
  • Parking




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