Vastu For Institution


Educational institutes should be designed in such a way that students can concentrate on their Studies and Career prospects properly. Institute can vary from educational to vocational organization to impart academic training and every such institute requires proper analysis so as to secure goodwill and results. Vaastu for an educational institution is also necessary to make the ambience peaceful, progress of students and to achieve higher standards in terms of Professionalism and Goodwill.

Many people are making a career by opening educational institutions, Hiring well-educated staff and helping students to prepare for the desired exam. When it comes to opening an educational institution, it takes a lot of hard work, huge investment, proper marketing and human resource to keep all the employees as well as students happy. But, not every institution gets successful, some institution open and then shut down after a certain amount of time. There is a reason behind the lack of success.

Vaastu helps in creating a suitable environment for children to flourish and become successful in their studies. Educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities can be efficiently designed as per Vaastu. It helps students to concentrate in a better way. It also helps institutes to gain a reputation as well as goodwill in their specialties. Positive Vaastu environment takes the results and outcome on another level.


We will provide you with the following Accurate and Efficient details:

  • Proper location of the Institution regarding adjoining buildings and Roads.
  • The exteriors and facing of the building.
  • The ambience of the surrounding atmosphere of the educational building.
  • The location of the Beams and Pillars.
  • The Direction and Location of the Main Entrance.


  • The Direction & Placement of the various Zones. For Instance:
  • Garden
  • Stage
  • Sitting Arrangements
  • Fountains
  • Arrangements for Snacks and Food
  • Lift
  • Owner’s Office
  • Staff’s Room
  • Accounts
  • Overhead water tank.
  • Electrical Equipment like Generators, Electric Panels etc.
  • Stairs
  • Bathrooms.
  • Kitchen / Pantry
  • Guard Rooms
  • Staff Rooms
  • Septic Tanks & Water Disposals
  • Parking



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