Horary Astrology


Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is known as Prashna Marg in Indian Astrology. Horary Astrology Chart is more important than the Natal Astrology as most of the times Natal chart becomes secondary to the Horary in predicting the present circumstances of the native. The various problems with which we are confronted in our daily life can be accurately rectified with the help of Horary Astrology, At the time of judgement of Natal Horoscope if a Horary chart is also kept in view, the predictions could be more precise and accurate.

The chart is to be seen at the time of prashna. If a native has any problem and wants to know the solution of it, it means that a conception of prashna had taken place. As soon as he utters the problem before an astrologer, it means birth of that prashna and the chart erected at that time well answer his question correctly. This is the divine law which has been confirmed practically after examining thousands of charts.


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