Kundli Match Making


What is Kundli Match Making?

Marriage is a turning point in the lives of two people and their families. This beautiful relationship ties two souls, together for lifetime and beyond. It is a new beginning; a beginning for which every man and woman waits since they enter into an age where they feel ready for this commitment. We often see various rituals before a marriage takes place. From quite an early stage, certain rituals are performed. Many families before deciding to get their children married match their detailed birth charts to see whether their stars are compatible or not.

Kundli matching is the horoscope matching of the couple before marriage. Ashtakoot and Dashtakoot are two majorly followed matching systems in Vedic Astrology. It indicates the influence of the stars on marital life and remedial measures needed to be taken in case of any inauspicious yoga’s just to ensure a happy and healthy married life.


Why Kundli Match Making in Important?

Astrology is the only way in the world by which we can visualize the future. We can also judge one’s married life through Astrology. So Kundli Milan is very important for happy married life. If Kundli Milan is done in proper way and Muhurat of marriage is checked according to both boy and girl’s horoscopes then we can ward off so many problems of married life.

NOTE:- These days during Kundli Milan, we are only matching Guna’s and that is not sufficient. Nobody gives any stress on placement of planets and formation of Good and Bad yoga’s including combinations regarding married life in both horoscopes. In general, if 18 Guna’s were matched then permission is given for marriage and if less than 18 Guna’s were matched then match is disregarded. We have so many examples in which marriages end up into divorce or separation even though 30 Guna’s were matched in both Boy’s and Girl’s Kundli and opposite to this, Marriage with less than 12 Guna’s matched is still running smoothly. Then where is the error? We will give blame to Astrology, but in this situation Astrology is not wrong. Only that person should be blamed who gave only focus on Guna’s match instead of planet placements and combinations.

Sometimes, parents are at fault because they change the Date and Time of birth of the child. In today’s world, new generation check the Guna’s on computer software’s and they give quick decisions that Kundli is matching. If you believe in such type of match making then there is no use of Kundli Milan. After marriage, when problem occurs then people start blaming Astrology and say we matched the horoscopes initially. “Little knowledge is very dangerous”. So, do not play with your life with little knowledge. It is our duty to find that who have full knowledge of Kundli Milan and Astrology. We know surely problems will ward off if the match making is right. If you want a happy married life then right Kundli Milan is necessary. It is essential for those people whose married life is looking problematic in horoscope.


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