Gem Stones Suitability


Gem Stone Suitability


What is a Gemstone?

A gemstone is a piece of mineral that is crystallized. It needs to be cut and polished for use as a piece of jewellery or accessories. These are rare and precious in value. A vast majority of gemstones are made naturally under the surface of the earth. They are formed when water reacts with minerals to form crystals.


Types of Gemstones

Gemstones could be categorized into two depending upon the value and rarity of the gemstone –

1) Semi Precious Gemstone

2) Precious Gemstones

It is said that there are many types of Gemstones. From astrological point of view there are 9 gemstones and their many substitutes. Most of the astrologers recommend precious gemstones for astrological purposes. At the same time from ancient times in Vedic astrology semi-precious stones have their strong significance as substitutes. In any case gemstones must not be worn without prior consultation from an experienced astrologer.


Benefits of Gemstones

Although there are more than 200 gemstones, we are discussing the benefits and healing process of gemstones here –

1. Ruby Gemstone - Ruby or Manik Ratna is the gem for Sun. Therefore, a thorough study of birth chart is required before wearing Manik Ratna. Sun is the king of all planets and thus Ruby is considered the queen of gemstones and gemstone of kings. It enhances confidence and decision making capability of the wearer such as of the leader Sun. The wearer is blessed with prosperity and fame. It is also helpful in stomach ailments. Wearing Ruby stone will also help in blood haemorrhoids, increased potency, physical strength and stability.

2. Natural Pearl Stone - It is also called Moti ratna in Hindi. In Vedic astrology Natural Pearl is the gemstone for Moon. It controls the human mind, and it completely affects our thinking. Wearing a Pearl will bring confidence in the wearer. By wearing Pearl the wearer will be benefitted with motherhood (for ladies) and love relationships. Diseases like blood pressure, bladder diseases could be healed by Pearl stone. If the Moon is placed inauspiciously in birth chart it may affect the sanity of the native. Therefore, wearing a Pearl could be beneficial in depressions and other mental diseases. But, many times the moon is in auspicious house in the birth chart for some natives. Such individuals should not wear Pearl unless prescribed by an astrologer. To gain all benefits of wearing pearl an individual must consult an astrologer first.

3. Red Coral Stone - Red Coral is known as Moonga or Munga in Hindi. In Vedic Astrology it represents Mars planet which is also the lord of wars. And as a result the prime benefit of wearing a Red Coral gemstone is victory over enemies. Moonga will help people suppressed with debt, improve blood purification, better skin, overcome sadness, improve eyesight and heal cough problems. It creates a protective shield around the wearer thus saving him from diseases and black magic. Bad position of Mangal Graha in Kundali can cause many problems such as indecisions and lost confidence. Thorough study of birth chart can determine if wearing Moonga ratna will bring auspicious results of Mangal graha on wearer. Wearing Red coral without consultation of an astrologer may bring wrath of Mars on wearer.

4. Emerald Stone - The dark green colour gemstone is also call Panna Ratna in Hindi. In Vedic Astrology Panna rashi ratna represents Mercury planet. Inauspicious placement of Panna ratna could be suppressed by wearing Emerald Gemstone. Emerald brings wearer the blessings of Budh graha. It also enhances memory power in individuals. It controls anger and helps overcome bad habits. It is likely beneficial for pregnant ladies. Only a learned astrologer can determine if wearing Emerald stone will be beneficial for the native or not.

5. Yellow Sapphire Stone - Pukhraj Ratna is the Hindi name for Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. As the name suggests it is yellow in color, rare and precious. It is recommended to people who are suffering from malefic effects of Brihasapati Graha or Guru. In Vedic Astrology it rules the house of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire stone bestows the wearer with good fortune and wealth. Their decision making capability is increased thus making them more focused. Pukhraj Rashi ratna helps in personal and economic growth of the wearer. Pukhraj is prescribed to people who are suffering from stomach ailments, heart diseases, lung diseases and depression. To gain all benefits of wearing Yellow Sapphire an individual must consult an Astrologer first.

6. Blue Sapphire Stone - Blue sapphire stone is also called Neelam Rashi Ratna in Hindi. It is the fastest result giving Rashi Ratna in Vedic Astrology. The wearer of Neelam Ratna is blessed with money, good wishes, opportunities and promotions etc. It protects the wearer from enemies, bad eyesight, jealousy etc. The healing properties of Blue Sapphire helps in indigestion, eliminates lethargy and helps improve focus and concentration. Blue Sapphire stone opens many sources of incomes. Thus, the financial condition of the wearer improves. And it blesses natives with name, fame and prestige. But if you are not wearing certified gemstone it may welcome wrath of Shani Graha on you. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing Neelam Ratna.

7. Hessonite Stone - Hessonite is also called Gomed ratna in Hindi. The honey brown/red colour Rashi Ratna is ruled by inferior planet ‘Rahu’. It is prescribed by astrologers to suppress ill effects of Rahu graha. Gomed ratna’s healing property is primarily for mind of the person. It clears unnecessary doubts from the mind of wearer. Thus, the wearer finds relief from tensions. And their confidence reaches new heights. Hessonite stone helps in healing diseases like cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure and fatigue. However, astrologers do not prescribe everyone to wear gemstone for inferior planets. Therefore, you must consult an experienced astrologer before wearing Gomed.

8. Cat’s Eye Stone - The cat’s eye is also called Lehsunia in Hindi. It is Gemstone for Ketu planet. It must not be worn without consulting an astrologer or it may bring negative effects. Wearing Lehsunia helps in protecting young and children from evil eyes. Its healing properties enhance immunity of the wearer. Hence, he is saved from falling sick frequently. In Vedic Astrology it is recommended to individuals who are experiencing bad dreams or are feared of unknown.

9. Diamond Stone - Women’s love for diamonds is known to all. But, few are aware of the astronomical properties of a Diamond stone. It represents the Venus planet, which is also the Greek goddess of Beauty. Venus is also called Shukra in Vedic Astrology. It is prescribed to natives who are suffering from malefic effects of Shukra Graha. Wearing a diamond will increase the age, improve health, bring profit in the business and increase the physical resources. Love and Diamonds are synonyms. Wearing a diamond helps in confidence and the wearer can express himself better. Its healing properties also bring bliss to marital life for couples. One should never wear a broken or cracked diamond. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing Diamond Stone.


What are Certified Gemstones?

Some of the gemstones could be replaced with certain Uparatana or substitutes for the gemstone online. But due to availability of artificial and forged stones buyers must purchase Certified Gemstones only. Certified gemstones are Natural Gemstone but they are clinically tested and certified. The certificate may contain details information about the rashi ratna like its origin, weight, cut etc. A Certified Gemstone will make sure the wearer is benefited from the properties of the gemstone. It will also save the wearer from malefic effects of the wrong gemstone.


Importance of Gem Stones in Human Life

A gemstone is something that is rare, precious and durable.  It is a tiny nugget of delight that has enthralled the senses of men and women alike, having had mysterious and intriguing histories and legends trailing them, have sealed bond of love, been the saviour during a financially troublesome period, stood guarantee in tough situations, have been centrepieces of world class cinema and what not! It is the singular come oddity that by itself can increase the value of any other item manifold and uplift it into the category of uber luxury.  In the western tradition, the importance of gemstones can be assessed by the popularity of birthstones. 

Whether it is the twelve gemstones on the breastplate of the High Priest of Israelite, the love for Jade in the Orient, the fascination for premium quality turquoise and emeralds in Middle East, reverence for coral and turquoise in native Indian tribes and etc. love and symbolism for gemstones can be witnessed throughout the world.

In the Indian Vedic tradition, wellness and success of human beings is attributed to balance of energy within the human body system. And this is contingent on how the 9 planets or the Navgrahas are positioned at the time of birth giving each individual a very unique map of possibilities as well as limitations. 

Planetary gemology is a very strong branch of study in this regard and consequently pure, natural precious gemstones assume great importance.As the elders have always opined, too much of anything is not good, one does not wear gemstones to make an energy peak, but to make sure that all energies are in a state of balance and that is when an individual is able to perform best. 

In a good recipe, excess of any ingredient can result in an awful taste. Likewise, individuals perform best when the constituent energies are optimised. Natural, flawless gemstones yield the best results when worn in accordance with one's energy pattern and after assessing suitability.



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