To choose the good period and time to start any type of good work is called MUHURAT. Everyone wants that beginning of his/her work should be in auspicious time because results of that work depend upon good Muhurat. Everybody knows that “Well begun is half done”. But some people believe that whatever is written by God in our fate, only that will happen; then what is the use of Muhurat?

As per Vedic System everyone comes to this world on the basis of Sanchit Karma’s and they have to perform their duties. As a human being, our duties are to purify our soul and to rectify bad karmas of our previous birth. That is why each religion gives the inspiration to do good deeds, japs and donations to improve this human life.

At the time of Birth as per planets position in Zodiac, begets woe and weal in this materialistic world.

Similarly, when we begin any auspicious work like house warming, opening a new shop, children’s marriage; we get Woe and Weal for that particular work as per planetary position in the Zodiac at that time.

Generally, in our routine life we hear that when Venus is combust (Tara Dubna); Marriage ceremony does not take place. Venus is the karka for marriage and it gives all comforts of married life. It should be in pure form at the time of marriage. If Venus is combust in one’s horoscope then at the Muhurat, Venus should be in pure form in Marriage Kundli. If Venus is debilitated in horoscope then marriage should be done at the time when Venus is exalted in Muhurat of Marriage Kundli. When we start a new work in our life then karka for the particular work should be pure. As per Muhurat we can reduce the problems related to particular portion of life. As per my views, we must check good Muhurat for good deeds and best results.

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