Scientific Astrology


In Scientific Astrology, you can know your future with or without a Janam Patri. This science will provide you with correct answers of any type of questions for example, will you be successful in your career, whether to opt for a job or a business, which career path is suitable to you, love marriage or arrange marriage, home land or foreign land will suite you better, when will you have a child, business partnership will suite you or not. You will get exact answers. In order to check marriage compatibility, you can bring other person’s photograph. If you have undergone any Puja, then you can still get to know whether that particular dosh got rectified or not without even having a Janam Patri. You can easily verify Manglik Dosh, Kal Sarp Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Gandmool, Kartik Dosh, Evil Eye etc. This science is so powerful.

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