Origin of Astrology

Throwing back to the origin, the world ‘Astrology’ is derived from two Greek words i.e., Astra, which signifies a star, and Logos, which states a logic or reason. Astrology speaks about the doctrine and law as suggested by the stars or planets. This vast and deep study convicts bestows the movement of the planets and the stars and how they influence one in their daily lives. Its basic ideology is based on the belief that there exists a strong inter-relationship between astronomical changes and events in the human world. Thus astrology is said to be a predictor of terrestrial activity based on the celestial observation.


What is ASTROLOGY and importance of Astrology in our lives?

Vedas, repositories of knowledge, are the heritage of India. Astrology, i.e  Jyotisha is a part of vedas . There are about thirty slokas on astrology in the Rig Veda, forty four in Yajura Veda and one hundred and sixty two in Atharva Veda. Our sages developed another immortal classic known as the Puranas, which also contain seeds of astrology. Our sages declared Bharatavarsha as karmabhoomi where men did get karmaphala. Karmas and karmaphala are the domain of astrology, rather with pronounce spiritual undertones. It is a science of the influence of the planets and stars on human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motions, their positions and time (kaal) do have effects on us all. With the regular movement of planets one can foretell the destinies of men, fates of nations, sudden inundations, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and other incidents relating to terrestrial phenomenon. Astrology is a divine science which correlates astronomical movements of planets with physical, psychic and Atmik ( soul's) responses. This science is based on basic assumptions that planets do influence us, that law of karma and theory of cause and effect is genuine and there is continuity of life even after physical death. Certain positions and groupings of the stars and planets in relation to earth correspond to various types of ever-Its-which occur during one's life time, and astrology assists in predicting such events.  

Every science requires research, new theories, developments and modifications at each stage. New ideas, new systems, new projections and new strategies are evolved continually. Scientific development envisages repetitive observations, postulation of hypothesis and final outcome of principles. Astrology is a science which has, unfortunately, always lacked these basic ingredients and to became more of a myth and unable to defend itself from the onslaught of the non-believers. In India, this science was spread over in a very large number of classical works and other isolated documents written in widely different Indian languages, the consolidation of which, in itself, became an insurmountable handicap. With sketchy records and lack of backing towards a systematic development of this science, in India, road-side astrologers cropped up and brought huge disgrace to this otherwise a divine science.

This science was, in olden days, handed down through the generations orally from teacher to disciple method, a method of shruti/ and smriti, prevalent in this country in absence of the paper and the printing technology. A lot of valuable treasure on this science existed in the past in the shape of highly qualified priests and written scriptures but with the advent of Mohammaden and Moghul aggressions, it fell prey to a singular biased onslaught. We come across many a missing links and the pitfalls in whatever scanty classics and other manuscripts on astrology are available today. Many scholars in the past have tried to provide and explain away these missing links but with little success. At places the confusion that already existed has, unfortunately, only been compounded. The modern age is witnessing a renaissance in this field and the markets are awash with literature on various topics of astrology. Let us hope that this healthy trend continues.


Vedic astrologers follow a rational procedure based on the following 5 factors:-

  1. The Solar system: Our solar system is centred around the Sun. Nine planets viz. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus , Neptune and Pluto along with a belt of asteroids revolve in elliptical orbits around the Sun. In Vedic astrology, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto find no place. On the other hand, the classics recognize the Moon and the two shadowy points known as Rahu and Ketu, which are the Moon's nodes as equivalent to planets. They are not physical bodies but are mathematically calculated sensitive points of Intersection of the orbits of the Moon and the Sun. The planets Mercury and Venus orbit in the space between the Sun and the Earth and are known as inner planets or inferior planets. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, whose orbits are on the outer side of the Earth, are known as outer planets or superior planets.


  1.   Zodiac: The Sun's annual path is known as elliptic. The belt of Heavens extending 8 degrees on either side of the ecliptic is known as the Zodiac. In this belt the Moon and the planets appear to move. The Zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts of 30 degrees each which are called the Signs or the Rashis of the Zodiac. These have been named as Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius and Pisces. Each Sign is ruled by a planet Different signs have different characteristics, which play an important role in the delineation of astrological charts.


  1. Stars or Nakshatras: The entire zodiac has been divided into 27 equal parts of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each known as Nakshatras or asterism or a constellation (Moon mansion). Every constellation has been assigned a planetary ruler. Ketu is the ruler of the first constellation starting from 0 degree Aries and then the ruler ship of Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury follows in this sequence till the end of the Sign Cancer. The same sequence starts from 0 degree Leo and Sagittarius and continues till Scorpio and Pisces end respectively.


  1. Time : All are aware of the time measure known as local mean time, standard time for any country or Zone and the Greenwich Mean Time. There is another system/ measure of time known as Sidereal Time which is derived from the Earth's rotation with respect to a fixed star. The duration of sidereal day is 23 hour 56 minutes. Whenever the time is reckoned with reference to the sidereal day, it is called Sidereal Time. The Sidereal Time is zero hour when the beginning of Aries (in Sayana system) crosses the observer's meridian.


  1. The houses: There are 12 houses. The Sign where the Lagna point falls is known as the first House or Lagna. The next Sign is second house, next the third and so on. In Vedic system the Sign and the house are deemed synonymous. However, in Western astrology the cusp of a house is the commencing point and the first house is constituted by space covering about 30 degrees beyond the cusp; but in Vedic astrology, the cusp is the midpoint of a house and extends to 15 degrees on either side.


Is Astrology a Science?

The answer is Yes. It is basically a science of time. Every moment in time has a certain meaning, quality or significance attached to it. By being born at a particular moment in time as per astronomical chart, we imbibe this quality. Personal horoscope is our guide map for our journey through time on earth. It is believed that studying astrological chart or preparing birth chart is nothing short of studying science as it involves great deal of astronomy and its interpretation is based on certain recognised rules. A birth chart contains different combinations of planets to describe various situations in life, which include mental and physical abilities, profession, partnerships, marriage, children, and difficulties and so on.


Significance of Planetary Movements in our Lives

One aspect of astrology is that it affects our lives. The different movements of the moon or the planetary movements or alignments affect our minds and emotions and we do not even realise this. The planetary positions at the time of our birth in the astrological chart can be compared with the planetary position of any time. This study will show how a particular planet or two influence our lives to a great extent at a given time. The result may be positive or negative, but these comparisons highlight the change in our lives or our moods and reactions to events. This is nothing but astrology.

The planetary movements not only have their impact on us, but we are also affected by the planetary movements of the people whom we deal regularly with, be it our parents, spouse, kids, relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses, acquaintances, etc. And these people are also affected by astrology as much as we are.


Why is Astrology Important?

The astrological birth chart of every one of us is independent of individual opinions. There are many instances in our lives when we arrive at the comparison mode of thinking though we know comparison is not good. Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this? What is happening in my life? Why do I have to see this?” And so on. It is here that astrology brings a new opinion in our lives. Astrology does not mean we have to be solely dependent on fate. It lays emphasis on our karma and actions as astrology firmly believes in, “Today’s karma is tomorrow’s fate”.

Astrology lights the path known as life and it is entirely our choice as to whether we want to travel on this path or not. Astrology helps us to know how we can make the best possible use of these tools in our lives for our benefit when we see the bad phase in our lives. Astrology is the connecting chord among our past, present and future. It knows no caste, religion, gender or nationality. It simply concerns the important fundamentals of our everyday lives.


What benefits can we take from Astrology in our Life?


  1. Growth in Business
  2. Reduction of Debts and Losses
  3. Financial Instability
  4. Enemy Issues
  5. Success in Job
  6. Success in Court Cases
  7. Foreign Settlement
  8. Mental Health Issues
  9. Physical Health issues
  10. Delays in Conception
  11. Removal of Negative Energies
  12. Family Disputes
  13. Children Issues
  14. Depression/ Anxiety/ Stress



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