Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosha is very famous in Indian Society to analyse the capability of boy and girl before the marriage. In Indian society, at the time of marriage everybody wants to know the Manglik Dosha. Generally, everyone has some or the other fear of Mangal Dosha. Parents are considering only the Managlik Dosha in Boy’s or Girl’s Kundli which is wrong and on the basis of this dosha they reject the Kundli even though there are some good exalted planets present the the respective Kundli. Astrologically, in a horoscope so many combinations are considered for a good married life or for a disturbed married life. Then why we are giving stress on only Manglik Dosha. Knowledge should be used to escape the darkness and to destroy the evil rather than to spread the fear and calamity amongst humans.

In these days, so many different views are there in Astrology regarding Manglik Dosha. One Astrologer said, “The Native is Manglik”. But another Astrologer said, “The Native is Non- Manglik” to the same person. Then common men have no way to decide that who is saying right. In ancient times, we have invented a cycle to make a comfortable journey. But in these days with search of science we have satellites and rockets for fast and comfortable travel. Now in these days we cannot depend on cycle. Similarly some Astrologers agree that native will be Manglik when Mars is placed in 1,4,7,8 and 12 house. But some Astrologers have to go beyond that because they realize that exalted Mars combust mars yogas karka mars. Mars in own sign and Mars aspected by beneficial planet will not give bad results in married life and they analyse the Manglik Dosha from the Lagan Kundali, Moon Kundali, Venus Kundali and from Navmansh Kundali because Lagan is physic of native, Moon is mind of native,Venus is karka of married life and Narmansh kundali is to be considered as a Marriage Kundali. As per some Astrologers, Mars does not give bad results in married life after the age of 28 years. But some Astrologers do not agree at this point. According to these Astrologers, if Manglik Dosha cancels after the age of 28 years, then the married life should be very smooth after the age of 28 years. But the reality is that in routine life so many marriages are getting diluted after the age of 28 years. So it is not possible that Manglik Dosha cancels after the age of 28 years.

But in my view Mars will disturb and create problems in married life in his Mahadasha , Anterdasha, Pratyanter Dasha and Transit .So Manglik dosha is not a single combination to disturb the married life. Manglik Dosha is a very vast subject which is not detailed here completely. But this is my humble request to all of you when you are going to any Astrologer in order to check the Manglik Dosha, please take it in written that why are you Manglik or Non Manglik and what is the combinations in your horoscope regarding Manglik and Non manglik.