Astro Vastu Goods

Shubh Urja has created 250 Astro Vastu products after doing a lot of research. Usually, we see that Pyramid and Fengshui is applied to rectify the Vastu Doshas. But this does not tremendously change the energy of that specific area. However, Shubh Urja has done a lot of research in its products for all the directions because every direction comes under a specific deity and planet. We have collectively instilled below powerful energies in our products. Hence, when we place right product related to a specific direction containing doshas, then the positive energy of that specific area rises up to 100% because these products are fully charged with the help of Shubh Urja( Positive Energy) which can be checked and verified with the help Energy Tester.

In Shubh Urja Products, we have used below powerful energies:

  1. Yantra Shakti (Tool)
  2. Mantra Shakti (Shabd i.e. words)
  3. Tantra Shakti (Method)
  4. Ratna Shakti (Gems)
  5. Ank Shakti (Numbers)
  6. Rango ki Shakti (Color Therapy)
  7. Sfatik (Crystals)
  8. Pyramid Shakti
  9. Deity Shakti
  10. Prarthna (Prayer Healing)

Besides this, we have invented different products to correct any type of doshas belonging to any direction or corner of a house or building. Hence, when a specific product is placed at that specific point containing doshas; it instantly cures the problems of that area. This can be checked and verified with the help of Urja Tester. There are total nine types of Astro-Vastu products for all eight directions including the Bhram Sthan. In order to increase the positive energy of a plot, we have created nine products and eight products for gates in all eight directions. Four products are invented for extended corner doshas of a building or a plot and three products are to protect inside and outside of a building or bhavan. Also, we have created five products to protect a house or building from black magic (Kiya Karaya) and evil eye (Nazar Dosha). Moreover, we have created nine products to rectify the doshas of stairs. Four products are built to cure Sampooran Vastu Doshas. Eight products are for Veethi Shool doshas. Moreover, we have created 131 type of Sampooran Kavach to help you get rid of any problem. They are prepared using special process. One can check and verify the positive energy before and after placing the Kavach using Energy Tester. They are energised on the name of a specific person. In order to increase the powers of any Kavach and to remove the doshas, one should always perform Jaap, daan and karm.

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